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Foundations taking a bold leadership role on the public policy front

Source: The Lawson Foundation

Excerpt: The Lawson Foundation is a founding member of the Funders Working Group on Early Childhood Development (FWG-ECD), a group of 8 Canadian foundations that regularly come together to talk about the importance of quality early childhood education (ECE) and to look at ways to collaborate. Recently, the working group made the decision to play a stronger collective role on the public policy front. After all, it’s hard to see how we will see meaningful change on the ECE front without trying to influence public policy.



A smarter way to invest in children

Source: Toronto Star

Excerpt: The federal government has a problem. Federal Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre recently said in a CBC interview that around 200,000 families are not registered for the Universal Child Care Benefit even though they're eligible. It seems many people simply don't know about a program that gives a family with two children under six about $4,000 a year to offset child care costs.



Letters: Smart investment in our future

Source: Edmonton Journal

Excerpt: Investing in our children is investing in our future — in the innovation, creative thinking and human potential Canada will need to thrive. There is no better way to do this than through high-quality early childhood education (ECE).



Early Childhood Education is vital

Source: St. John's Telegram

Excerpt: I represent part of a group of eight charitable foundations that care about children. We provide support to a wide range of agencies and programs that help children across the country.



Remarks by The Honourable Margaret McCain PFC 2012 Symposium on Funder Collaboration

Source: Philanthropic Foundations of Canada

Excerpt: We are the Early Child Development Funders Working Group – it’s a mouthful and we could have devised a more pithy handle but we are not about branding; we are about a goal – publicly funded early education for every child from the age of two. This objective underpins our respective equity and social justice agendas. It is progressive, ambitious and achievable.




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